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Cabinet Designs

Example 1


I drafted this to fill an open wall at a house being completely renovated. It was built by the cabinet builder that made the kitchen cabinets so it would look the same since they are in an adjacent room.



I was very happy with the way the TV cabinet came out, and I never once spoke with the cabinet builder. The homeowners were also very happy with how much storage space I was able to work into the design.

Example 2


Best case scenario: I get to start the project from the very beginning.





I can work with the custom cabinet builder to make sure all the equipment is spaced correctly and all the paths for the wiring are created. Pre-laying out all the components is also important for cooling consideration and planning for future upgrades and measuring for cabling lengths.



It is extremely important to me that things always turn out perfect!

Example 3



People usually don't realize that a lot of equipment does not need to be physically accessed if the system is properly configured. This approach can usually free up a lot of usable cabinet space. In many situations the bulk of the equipment can be remotely located in an unused closet or cabinet and be controlled over the home's wifi with an iPhone or RF-based remote control system. Often the only hardware needed in a room is just TV or a TV and some speakers.

Integrated Speakers

I have noticed in the past that there is always a lot of wasted space when people commission custom cabinets for their homes. The cabinet builder creates an opening for the people to put their speakers in. This essentially becomes a box sitting in a box. Whenever possible I will try to work with the people and the cabinet builder to instead integrate custom speakers into the cabinet itself instead of buying a box speaker and building a space for it to sit in. Also, it is often a better value to do it this way. Plus higher-performing audio since it is custom designed for the room/application!


This example had custom-designed subwoofers built-in with normal in-wall speakers integrated into custom-designed backboxes.