Brett DeMaria

(858) 333-7991

About Me


I have been involved in the building of several custom homes from the initial pouring of the foundation until the final moving boxes unpacked. I have enjoyed making sure that every aspect of the soon-to-be home electronics system are put in place perfectly to allow decades of flawless operation and to pre-plan enough extra wiring to ensure a future-proof Smart Home that will never need the walls ripped open again.

Original clients of mine from 2001 still have me over just to make sure everything is working flawlessly. I am always happy to make new recommendations based on new technology and their individual needs and budget. I always plan on being available to people until we no longer need wires or remotes or TVs or computers. When people call me for help I look to form a relationship with them so they never have any fear of Technology. I understand that shopping for this kind of thing is daunting and I do my best to help people make informed decisions. I've been around a lot of different equipment and have had to learn how it all works.

My projects have taken me as far north as Sacramento, California, as far south as Cabo San Lucas, Baja California, Mexico, as far west as Maui, Hawaii and as far east as Las Vegas, Nevada to help people. As well as many, many locations in between. Although the majority of my work is in San Diego County, I am not afraid to take a road trip.